Far From Familiar – Album Review

Posted: 31/08/2016 in Album Review, Hip Hop

Sylvan LaCue - Far From Familiar

Sylvan LaCue is definitely not going to be the next Kanye West or the next Rick Ross. He’s not headed to be the future of Hip Hop music, either. And that is fine for a guy who has always preferred producing remarkable work over being on top of the music charts or in the centre of attention. His latest album Far From Familiar may be just a mini “project” as he likes to label it, however, it sure feels like a major debut of an upcoming rapper with lots of potential.

Having been critically acclaimed maybe for the first time in his professional music career for his last mixtape Searching Sylvan, the Miami native had left his humble fanbase wondering about the next move he would be making, which has turned out to be his best one so far. Testing the audience’s reaction by keeping it strictly about his personal experiences and making the toughest two years of his life fit into a 17-track album seems to have worked for the musician as Sylvan again uses one of his strongest suits, his storytelling skills, to cover the next two years of his encounters. This time, though, the picture he paints is clearer with a few dark spots splattered over the canvas to ensure us that there are still issues that need to be addressed even though the future looks brighter than ever before.

Sylvan LaCue may have chosen to abandon his QuESt persona, but it’s crystal clear he has managed to pass on his high quality flows along with his expertise in storytelling to this new and old identity of his. “Fall From Grace” stands out as the perfect example of how mature and versatile his rapping technique has become. The first verse of the song has to be considered as one of the best of the year and his career as the rapper uses 3 to 4 different rap flows to call out his alleged competition, show off his nonchalant attitude and pledge to fulfil his dreams. One significant line is, “I be that living example of doing whatever it takes” which sums up Sylvan’s life philosophy: Turn a deaf ear to the critics, follow the road you believe to be the best for you and never stop walking.

Sylvan also seems to have improved his taste for experimentalism, both in terms of production and lyrical structure, helped by a handful of producers led by Linzi Jai, whom certainly assisted him on taking the next step after his searching for and eventually finding Sylvan. Instead of sticking with humdrum beats and typical rap song layouts, he has chosen to explore his creative instincts which led the album into having multidimensional songs such as “Emeryville” and “Studio City” and songs into having spontaneous bridges and colorful hooks with “Back to the City” making a strong case for this category. In an industry where idolizing has gone so far to the extremes that it could now be called copying, it’s impressive how unique Sylvan LaCue can manage to stay.

“‘Cause you are not the only one, that wants to be the only one” raps Sylvan LaCue, who sounds more ready than ever to become the one he believes he is destined to be. Embracing and holding on tightly to his spiritual side for the most of the album, Sylvan raises the bar even more for his upcoming project, At What Cost?. The Miami native undoubtedly doesn’t lack any confidence, which works in his favor as a powerful combination along with his high technical capacity and lyrical flair. Being the farsighted person he is, it won’t be hard for us to guess his next move is already on the way.

Get the album here.

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